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Welcome to X-PECT: Your Singular Source for Specialized Linux System Administration and High-Quality IT Services

Welcome to X-PECT, your go-to provider for specialized Linux system administration and top-tier IT services. Despite what the name might imply, X-PECT isn’t a large corporation but a single-person operation — that person being me. What you’ll get is the kind of individualized, one-on-one attention that only an independent professional can offer, backed by multi-faceted years of experience.

Fred Saunier: Your LPIC Level 2 and Novell Certified Linux Administrator

I am Fred Saunier, the driving force behind every X-PECT solution. Armed with two major certifications — LPIC Level 2 and Novell Certified Linux Administrator — coupled with a passion for Linux dating back to 2006, I bring a diverse skill set and deep expertise to each project.

Why Choose X-PECT?

Personalized Service

  • When you opt for X-PECT, you’re working directly with me, Fred Saunier. No middlemen, no misunderstandings—just targeted, expert service from start to finish.

Multi-Certified Expertise

  • My dual certifications, LPIC Level 2 and Novell Certified Linux Administrator, speak volumes about my skills and my commitment to staying updated in the ever-changing landscape of Linux system administration.

Adaptability & Flexibility

  • Being a single-person operation allows me the agility to tailor services precisely to your unique needs and challenges.

Reliable Availability

  • I am reachable during business hours and on weekends, ensuring you can contact me when you need it the most. Even on holidays, I have the necessary equipment to act in emergencies.

Trust Through Transparency

  • Building long-lasting relationships based on trust and quality service is my ultimate aim.

Let’s Connect

If you’re ready to bring reliable, expert-level IT solutions to your organization, let’s talk. Contact me today for a customized consultation.

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