Case Study 3: A Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation for Global Collaboration

lient: International Organization with Global Membership

Challenge: Undertake a complete IT overhaul to enable secure, efficient, and reliable global collaboration, including challenges in cloud storage, virtualization, secure communication, password management, backup solutions, and WiFi coverage.


  • Migrated data from local NAS to a Nextcloud server, providing global and secure file access.
  • Virtualized all servers in Proxmox for improved performance and scalability.
  • Implemented SOGo for secure and efficient email communications.
  • Installed VaultWarden for centralized and secure password management.
  • Established a remote Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) for daily backup synchronization.
  • Deployed UniFi APs to ensure comprehensive WiFi coverage for an entire building, featuring separate networks for company and guest usage.


  • Global and secure data accessibility through Nextcloud.
  • Enhanced server performance and scalability via Proxmox virtualization.
  • Improved email communication security and efficiency with SOGo.
  • Centralized and secure password management through VaultWarden.
  • Robust data backup and disaster recovery via daily sync to remote PBS.
  • Complete building-wide WiFi coverage with segmented networks for company and guests through UniFi APs.

The X-PECT Difference

This project epitomizes the multifaceted IT solutions I offer. By implementing a combination of Nextcloud, Proxmox, SOGo, VaultWarden, and UniFi technologies, the client now enjoys a secure, efficient, and fully integrated digital workspace that allows for seamless global collaboration.

Ready for End-to-End IT Solutions?

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