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Unlock the full potential of cloud storage with our specialized Nextcloud server installations. With Nextcloud, you can enjoy a secure and private cloud experience that integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. We bring you a cloud service that’s more than just a storage solution.

What We Offer

Nextcloud Installation & Setup

  • Complete installation of Nextcloud on a secure server
  • Configuration to work seamlessly with your business needs, including user roles, permissions, and encryption settings

Data Migration

  • Seamless migration of your existing data into your Nextcloud environment
  • End-to-end encrypted transfers to ensure data integrity and security

Ongoing Management & Maintenance

  • Regular updates to keep your Nextcloud server running optimally
  • Backup solutions to ensure your data is safe and easily recoverable

Key Nextcloud Benefits

Samba Connection

  • Integrate Nextcloud with your existing Samba servers for streamlined file access and sharing within your organization

Kanban Boards

  • Utilize Nextcloud’s Kanban features to organize your tasks and projects, improving team collaboration and productivity

Large Email Attachments

  • Overcome the limitations of traditional email by securely sharing large files through Nextcloud, directly from your email client

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Real-time editing and sharing of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Integrated video and audio conferencing for remote teamwork

Why Choose Our Nextcloud Services?

  • Specialized Expertise: Leverage our in-depth knowledge in Nextcloud installations for a cloud solution tailored to your needs
  • Privacy & Security: Nextcloud offers end-to-end encryption and advanced security features to protect your data
  • Flexible & Scalable: A cloud solution that grows with your business, easily adaptable to your evolving needs
  • Weekend and Business Hours Support: We’re available during regular business hours and weekends to ensure uninterrupted service

Get Started Today

Transform your cloud storage into a powerful collaboration tool with Nextcloud. Contact us for a personalized consultation on our Cloud Services.

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