Case Study 2: Drastic Cost Savings Through FreePBX VoIP Implementation

Client: Mid-sized Company with Global Operations

Challenge: Migrate from an outdated Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to a more cost-efficient and globally effective VoIP system.


  • Conducted a detailed audit of the existing POTS infrastructure to understand the call volume and international calling patterns.
  • Implemented a FreePBX VoIP system tailored to the client’s unique needs, fully integrated with their existing IT environment.
  • Trained staff on the new system to ensure a seamless transition and maximize utilization of new features.


  • Slashed the client’s telephone bill by an astounding 80%.
  • Enabled high-quality international calls without the lag or high costs associated with traditional telephone systems.
  • Provided a scalable solution to meet the growing needs of the company.

The X-PECT Difference

Understanding the client’s need for both international reach and cost-efficiency, I used my specialized expertise in FreePBX to design a VoIP solution that met both requirements effortlessly. This case perfectly illustrates how a thoughtful, well-executed migration from traditional to modern telephony can result in drastic cost savings without compromising on call quality or functionality.

Ready for Transformational IT Solutions?

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