Case Study 1: Comprehensive Upgrade to a Virtualized, Secure, and Fail-Safe Environment

Challenge: Transition from a traditional IT infrastructure to a robust, virtualized, and fail-safe environment. This involved upgrading network and firewall security, eliminating single points of failure, and implementing remote backups.


  • Implemented a phased rollout of Proxmox virtual machines to maintain business continuity.
  • Migrated data from NAS to a Ceph storage cluster to eliminate single-point-of-failure risks.
  • Configured remote backups using Proxmox Backup Server (PBS) for comprehensive data protection.
  • Upgraded the network infrastructure and configured UniFi firewalls along with iptables/firewalld for enhanced security.


  • Reduced hardware costs by 40%.
  • Increased system reliability by 25%.
  • Achieved zero data loss with the implementation of remote backups.
  • Enhanced network and firewall security, reducing vulnerability to cyber threats.

The X-PECT Difference

In this project, a 360-degree approach was taken to improve all facets of the client’s IT infrastructure. From the transition to Proxmox and Ceph, to the addition of robust backup strategies with PBS, every angle was covered. A specific focus was also placed on network and firewall security, incorporating industry-leading solutions like UniFi firewalls and iptables/firewalld configurations. The result was a secure, reliable, and cost-effective IT ecosystem that met and exceeded the client’s needs.

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