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Linux security The financial incentive is not Linux's only asset, as there is much more to it.

The main advantage of Linux in an office environment (be it for the SMBs or the self-employed) lies with the level of security it provides. For servers, desktops and laptops alike, Linux acts as a protective wall against the plagues Windows users have grown accustomed to : viruses, trojans and so on. The operating system has been written from scratch in such a way that these parasites won't install on your machines without your prior consent.

On top of that, we apply a strict control over security on machines you put under our surveillance, while at the same time provide you with a number of ways to safely connect to your machines (both from your internal network and over the Internet) and keep unauthorized users out.

Depending on your needs, we elaborate and implement a strategy regarding access to files and folders on a per-user or per-group-of-users basis : who may access what, who may only read what, who may create a document, who may modify a document, who may have access from with the local network, who may have access from the Internet, and so on. While not endless, there are a great number of possibilities, which allow us to create a tailor-made strategy that suits your needs, rather than having you adapt to what your IT will let you do.

We also take care of applying recommended updates for you.