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My software with Linux

For the most part, general enterprise-oriented Windows software have their equivalent in the Linux world. It is impossible to name them all, but here are a few examples. We also understand that you may already have a significant number of documents, emails, etc., you would like to keep and use in your new Linux environment. We help you migrate your data.

You can click the logos below for more detail on each software. Check out our Screenshot section to find images related to Ubuntu and these applications.

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Office Suite

OpenOffice or Libre Office can remplace Microsoft Office in most cases.

You may already be familiar with OpenOffice, as it can be used on machines running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you are already using OpenOffice, porting your documents to your new Linux system will be transparent. You will be able to use them just like before.

If you are not acquainted with OpenOffice, here is some additional information. OpenOffice can open and edit most of Microsoft Office documents : Word documents (*.doc, *,docx), Excel spreadsheets (*.xls, *xlsx) or PowerPoint presentions (*.ppt, *.pps).

OpenOffice by default saves its documents under its own format, but you may also choose to save them using a Microsoft Office compatible format. In this case however, complex page layout will not be rendered correctly, and macros would have to be converted (should you use them). Using the native format should be the choice of preference.

OpenOffice also lets you create PDFs easily (as easily as clicking the PDF button, really); and with the use of a particular OpenOffice  extension, you can also import and modify existing PDF documents.

Libre Office derives from OpenOffice. It offers the same features as Open Office, plus some additional ones, such as boasting better compatibility with the latest Microsoft documents formats.


Accounting, Invoicing

Accounting can be achieved using OpenERP, a complete solution for the enterprise or the self-employed. You may opt to focus merely on the accounting side or choose to go for a complete ERP integration.

Accounting will let you create sales invoices, enter purchase invoices, keep your financial statements up-to-date, create VAT reports, balance sheets, income statements, and so on. Charts of Accounts are available for a great number of countries.

OpenERP is free of charge to download and install. Optionally, you may choose to subscribe a maintenance contract with OpenERP s.a., creator of the application.

We can configure the accounting section of the program for you, so as to stick to your current Chart of Accounts, VAT codes, etc.

tunderbird logo


We generally suggest the use of Thunderbird for emails, as it is very easy to use and manage emails. Collaborative calendars are supported.

Are you currently using Lotus Notes and want to keep using it? This is not a problem, as IBM has developed a Linux version of this software.

Whichever solution you choose, we help you export your emails and address books from your previous system and import them into your new Linux environment.


Image manipulation

Gimp can generally come as a substitute for Adobe Photoshop.


Vectorial graphics

Inkscape is a very good replacement for Adobe Illustrator.

logo_ EGW

Collaborative Suite

eGroupWare is a very powerful collaborative suite server.

logo_ dia


Dia will help you make flowcharts and other diagrams in place of Microsoft Visio.


Planning, Gantt charts

You'll be interested in Planner if you use Microsoft Project.


Brainstorming, mind-mapping

XMind will help you make mind maps.


3D images and animation

Blender is the tool to use to create professional 3D images and animations.


Video processing

Cinelerra is a very powerful video processing software.