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Our VoIP services


Our VoIP Services

Although we do not sell VoIP plans, we help you analyse your situation, determine the best providers for you and tie everything together so that all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial, as usual.


Analysing your situation

If you wish, we analyse your current phone bills (Belgacom and Mobile) to determine your profile and select the providers that will give you the best rates.

We also analyse your needs in terms of phones, adapters and extensions, as well as certain call restrictions you may want to apply.

We test your internet connection speed to determine is VoIP can be supported.

We calculate an estimate of what your telephony budget would be using VoIP, so that you can compare it with your incurred costs.


Demonstrating how it works

We call you both on your landline and your mobile so you can hear the quality for yourself. We come to your office or home to make the same tests.


Subscribing to services

We help you subscribe to the different services for you to be able to place calls at the best rates, as well as get an account with the exchange platform (PBX).


Tying everything together

We set up your exchange (PBX) and program it for automatic selection of the cheapest provider, based on the dialed number. We further assist you as your needs evolve.