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Our VoIP services


Our VoIP Services

YOU host your VoIP Server

You provide us with a server with a fixed IP for us to deploy your VoIP server. You pay for the electricty, internet plan and you get invoices from the VoIP suppliers directly.

We invoice you for deployment, setup of lines and extensions, assist you with any additional requirements such as IVRs, calendars, call recording, etc. We also invoice you for server maintenance (apply security updates and modules upgrades).

WE host you in our infrastructure

You have a limited number of users and do not want to invest in a VoIP server on premise? We can host you in our infrastucture.

One-time Monthly
User setup 30,00 EUR 10,00 EUR
BE number 1,50 EUR 5,00 EUR
FR number 1,50 EUR 5,00 EUR
CH number 1,50 EUR 5,00 EUR
Call recording (per user)  15,00 EUR
Calling Rates
Belgium Landline
0,0149 EUR/min
Belgium Mobile 0,0399 EUR/min
France Landline 0,0149 EUR/min
France Mobile 0,0990 EUR/min