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Our Recommendations

You'll find below our recommendations for VoIP, based on our experience and value for money. We review a large number of providers prior to setting up your system, and keep you inform should be notice better deals for you over time.


VoIP (sip trunk providers)


We have a very good experience with this French company, that can provide numbers from Belgium, France, UK , Spain or Switzerland. Calling rates are decent for calls to landlines of 40 countries. Lines can be set up to sustain up to 100 concurrent calls.



VoipPro is quite good for calls to Africa and some European mobile numbers where OVH isn't so competitive.



Desktop phones

We have very good experience with Yealink T3, T4 and T5 series.


We work with different apps, as some may lack compatibilty with certain smartphone makes or models. These apps include LinPhone, Zoiper or Port Sip.


We have fairly good experience with the free app MicroSIP, for Windows and Linux. For the Mac, we recommend Zoiper.