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Our Recommendations

You'll find below our recommendations for VoIP and Mobile telephony, based on our experience and value for money.


VoIP (sip trunk providers)


This Belgian company offers a reliable service for a decent price. For 50 EUR (excl. vat) per year, you can get a bundle that includes a Belgian phone number and 500 min. per month of free calls to landlines in 50 different countries.

You can buy phone numbers from many different countries, for your customers or friends to call you locally from their end. In other words, you could have your business in Belgium, and have a UK or Italian landline number ring on Brussels' desk for your UK or Italian customers to call you locally. You do not get charged for calls made to those numbers.

Your existing Belgacom number can be ported to Nomado.

If you want to keep your Belgacom subscription, your Belgacom number can be displayed through Nomado, after you can prove you own the number you claim (by sending Nomado a copy of a Belgacom invoice).

Unlimited simultaneous outgoing calls.

Additional simultaneous incoming calls for 99 EUR per year.


This French company offers unlimited calls to landlines to 40 different countries, as from 1 EUR per month, to 99 different numbers. This does not mean 99 calls. This means you can call as many times and for as long as you like 99 different numbers during the month; these numbers do not need to be declared to OVH, can change every month. You will need to pay for calls as from the 100th number you call.

Calls are limited to 60 minutes. After 60 min., the system will hang up and you will have to call back.

You can get a phone number in Belgium, Germany, Spain, France and the UK, but you need a physical address in the country you want a number from.

Additional simultaneous calls for 1 EUR per month, with the Entreprise subscription (5 EUR per month).

To use OVH, you need a paid account with Pbxes.org (as from 2.95 EUR per month, see below).



MegaVoip is reliable and cheap. It is a great solution to call mobile phones in Belgium or France.

For any call placed through MegaVoip, there is a connection fee of 0.04 €.

Calling a BE mobile number then costs 0.02 € a minute. Compare it with what you currently pay when you call mobiles !

You need a MegaVoip account, top it up with some credit, and you're ready to place calls. You can declare you existing phone numbers so MegaVoip displays them as you call your contacts.



FreeVoipDeal is much the same as MegaVoip, it is actually running on the same network and is operated by the same parent company (DellMont ltd).

FreeVoipDeal is currently even cheaper than MegaVoip when it comes to calling mobile phones in Belgium. Indeed, with this trunk there is no connection fee, and calling a BE mobile is a mere 0.005 €. In other words, a 10 € (excl. tax) top-up will get you 2.000 minutes worth of calls to Belgium mobiles!



You can have a free pbxes.org account, if you don't need more than 5 extensions, and choose Nomado.

You need a paid account (as from SOHO, for 2.95 EUR per month), if you choose OVH, or if you need 6 extensions and above.

The advantage of using pbxes.org is that you can plug in both a sip trunk for landline (like Nomado or OVH) and another for calls to mobiles (like MegaVoip or FreeVoipDeal). The PBX can be programmed to automatically choose the provider accordingly.

If over time you decide to change providers, all you'll need to do is to enter the new settings in the PBX exchange for those to be active.  Your users won't be doing anything different from picking the phone and dailing as usual.

Mobile telephony

Mobile Vikings

This provider works with top ups only. You can manage all of your subscriptions through your account on their site. You can top up with Paypal, and your subscription get credited within a few seconds.

Mobile Vikings offers 3 plans : 15 €, 25 € or 40 € per month.

For that, you get :

  • 2 GB of data per month,
  • 1000 SMS to any network
  • 1000 SMS to other Vikings.

With the 15 € plan, you get 62 minutes worth of calls per month to any network. With 25 €, you get 125 minutes. With 40 €, 285 minutes.

On top of that, regardless of which plan you choose, you get

  • 60 minutes per day of free calls to any other Mobile Viking member.

That's over 160.000 people.