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OpenERP Installation

OpenERP Installation

You would like to use OpenERP? You may choose to have it installed on-site and supported by OpenERP or one of its partners. You can also opt to have OpenERP hosted on-line by OpenERP or one of its partners. Or, if you have a Linux server, you can download and install it yourself for free.

However, OpenERP is generally found difficult to install and most often requires the help of an IT professional.

  • We install the system on the server for you, with all of the modules you wish to have.
  • We set it up to work with the local client and from within the internet browser if you wish.
  • We set up the server to backup your databases on a daily basis.
  • We configure your network so OpenERP can be reached from the Internet if you wish.
Price: 225,- € exc. VAT Time frame: 4 hours