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OpenERP Configuration

Chart of Accounts

OpenERP comes preloaded with a default chart of accounts, compatible with your country's accounting rules. Although this chart of accounts is very comprehensive, most of our clients prefer to have it customized to their own. We customize OpenERP so it follows your Chart of Accounts. We set default VAT taxes to be applied if required.


VAT Codes

OpenERP comes with a number of preloaded VAT codes that can be directly used for sales and purchases invoices. Depending on your industry, this set of codes may need to be completed with additional ones. We make those adjusments for you, in Belgium only.


Tax Report

In OpenERP, the Tax Report is a document that helps you file your periodic VAT declaration. We adapt this document to comply with legal changes, in Belgium only.


Sales Products Configuration

We customize OpenERP to include all of your sales products with pricing, and configure pricing according to volume if needed. We link your products to your Charts of Accounts and Charts of Taxes according to your specific needs.


Price: On request only.
As a guideline, the following are applied :
75,- € excl. vat From hour 1 to 39
55,- € excl. vat From hour 40 to 79
40,- € excl. vat From hour 80 and up