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Windows Virus Disinfection




Windows system disinfection

You have a Windows machine, you keep your anti-virus up-to-date and yet your computer has caught a virus?

First of all, don't blame yourself. Smarter viruses today are programmed to attack and deactivate anti-virus software. When it happens, there isn't much you can do about it.

What can you do?

If you still have access to your Windows session, observe if anything funny happens to your antivirus icon (located in the lower left corner, next to the clock), like it disappears or deactivates. If you know for a fact that your antivirus registration is still valid, this would be a sign that it is being neutralized by a virus.

If your antivirus software still runs, try and update it with its latest database and scan your computer. Most likely the virus or viruses will be detected, try to remove them at this point. Rescan your computer and see if anything is detected.

What can we do?

If you can't have access to your Windows session, if your antivirus gets somehow deactivated or if you feel the antivirus does not detect the malware, this is where we come into play.

Without installing anything to your computer, we'll boot it up with Linux and from there we'll analyse your system and remove viruses on board. This is generally a lot more successful than using a Windows-based antivirus because, here Windows not being loaded, the virus is not active and cannot hide or replicate as it is being removed.

Depending on the size of your hard drive, it will take from 4 hours up to complete the operation.

Contact us, bring us your machine or arrange for us to come to your offices to pick up your system and bring it back to you. In this case, transportation fees apply. We invoice you only if we succeed.

Price: € 125,- excl. VAT   Virus disinfection
€30,- excl. VAT   Transportation, in Brussels
€50,- excl. VAT   Transportation, in Belgium