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Services for Servers

Whether you are an SMB or self-employed, having a server in your network can bring you many benefits. In some cases, servers will be powerful computers that act as one machine for many users. In other instances, servers won't be large and expensive computers.

You could view servers in different ways. First, as robots programmed to take care of a number of chores repetitively - like backups. Linux servers are very good at this, because through scripting, they can be programmed to do pretty much anything you want. Second, as a hub that will concentrate all of your services and documents in a central point, no matter how many different computers you may be using - like a file server. Thirdly, as a machine providing services to you and your users. You'll find below different examples of such services... but bare in mind there are many others!

We build, install and configure your servers according to your needs. We manage user access and user privileges. Depending on your preferences, we have an array of possibilities for you. Contact us, tell us what you would like to get done, and we'll suggest ways a Linux server can make things safer and easier for you.

File server

File_ServerPut together your documents in a central, secured point for all of your users, so they do not disseminate. Have these documents shared among some or all of the users. Decide who has access to what, based on users or groups they may belong to.

Print server

Print_ServerCentralize your printers, decide who may have access to what printer. Any printer connected to the server can become a network printer, accessible through cable or wifi. Group your printers in classes, so as to be able to send your documents to the first available printer. Print over the Internet.

Share your printers on Google Cloud Print to be able to print emails, google docs, pdfs or pictures right from your Android device worldwide.



What would happen if your hard drive died right now?

We configure your Linux server for regular backups of your system and your documents. Distant backups are possible. A file has been erased by mistake? We get it back for you remotely from the backup files.

Server Mirroring

MirrorHave a second, identical server constantly synchronized with your main server, so it can quickly come into play should a technical problem happen.

Remote Access

Remote_folderAccess the documents on your server remotely through the Internet. You will benefit from higher security if your laptop is also running Linux.

Virtual Desktops

VirtualAccess your server (graphic) session from any machine, either from the local network or over the Internet. In this instance, you will use the power of the server rather than that of your laptop, which may thus be less powerful and less expensive.

Virtual Servers

VirtualBoxIt is possible to configure different servers from a single hardware, all running together simultaneously. Save physical room, save on investments, and power consumption, increase security.

You need Windows to run some of your applications? We can virtualize Windows, which will then run inside of Linux. This requires a valid Windows license.

Controlling the Internet

StopTogether we can determine which categories of sites you do not wish to let your users browse, and we block them out for you. Some examples of such categories, among others : online games and betting, adult sites, social networks, online auctions, etc.

Video Surveillance Server

SurveillanceDo you need a video surveillance system on your premises from which you can monitor, record and play back what your different cameras can witness? Do you want to be alerted by email if your cameras pick up unusal activity? We set it up for you, using a combination of indoor, outdoor, wired or wireless cameras. You'll be able to view your recordings on site or remotely from the internet, and even access your cameras in realtime from your Android smartphone.