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Linux Support & Maintenance

Price list for annual support and maintenance agreements for your Linux servers. We operate remotely wherever possible, both for faster reactivity as well as to cut down transportation fees that are otherwise charged.

We offer a variety of formulas you can choose from : billing by the hour, provision of hours packages or package on our estimate.

Billing by the hour : Hours and transportation are charge as and when they are worked.

Monthly thresholds : When the number of worked-hours for the month reaches a threshold, a discount applies to the hourly rate on the entire invoice. Example: 12 hours worked → F10 threshold reached → 10% discount on the 12 hours invoiced.

Package on our estime : We offer a one-year, fixed-price support and maintenance package based on your currend systems and number of users. Later additions or modifications to your systems or user base will be subject to amendments to the original agreement.

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download-bgDownload our price list as from 2023

Billing by the hour
Price, excl. vat

Transportation : return mileage from Braine l'Alleud to site location (EUR / km)

Hourly rate

- First hour or part thereof is fully invoiced

- Invoicing per every subsequent half-hour or part thereof

0,50 €

105,00 €

Monthly thresholds
Price, excl. vat
F10 - 10 hours worked in the month
10% discount  
Hourly rate
94,50 €

F25 - 25 hours worked in the month
15% discount  
Hourly rate 89,25 €
C50 - 50 hours worked in the month
20% discount

Hourly rate 84,00 €
C100 - 100 hours worked in the month
25% discount

Hourly rate 78,75 €