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Our offer

We listen to you, who you are, how you work. We offer sustainable, evolutionary solutions that meet your needs, while at the same time minimize your costs. We can assist you in a number of ways.
  • Choosing hardware

We can help you choose hardware, without imposing one type over another. Our advice simply directs you towards machines that are fully compatible with Linux, with the power needed for the projected use.

  • System installs

We deploy your network, install and configure your Linux servers, desktops and laptops. We program your servers so they take care of the necessary chores in the background.

  • System maintenance & support

We maintain your systems up-to-date as required, on a daily basis if necessary. This type of operation is usually done remotely.

  • System adaptation

Should your needs evolve over time, we're here to adapt your systems rapidly so you can continue to use them as originally intended.

  • Training

Do you fear you'll have to learn it all again, with Linux? If you do opt for a whole Linux environment, you will have a computer the behavior of which will be slightly different from what you may currently be used to. We're here to help you out and show you how your new system works, so as to make the learning curve the smoothest possible.

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